Terms and Conditions

How can I create the QR menu code?

Just click the "Start Free Trial" Button, enter your email, a dashboard will open. You can create a QR menu there. For any help visit https://docs.plumqr.com or connect us on Whatsapp at +1-206-201-2337.

How much will the QR menu for restaurant cost?

We have an introductory pricing in Covid times.
For QR based menus without ordering it is USD 17.99 for 1 year.

For web/table/room ordering the pricing will be USD 79.99 for 1 year.

Can I add multiple languages?

Yes, you can add one additional language apart from one default language.

Are there any limits on number of items or views?

There are no limits on number of views. On items there is a fair usage limit of 300 items. For usage with more items please contact us.

Do you have a sample available?

On signup, a sample QR contactless menu code will be available in your account.

For a more feature rich menu sample, contact us at support@plumqr.com or +1-206-201-2337 (Whatsapp).

Can you help us in adding the menu quickly?

We can help you to setup the menu. Please send us an excel sheet, with the item name, description and pricing on support@plumqr.com. Item pictures you will have to add from the dashboard yourself.

Which countries are supported by your platform?

We are available in nearly all the countries. Most of the features work in all the countries. However, availability of payment gateways and marketing tools varies from country to country which you can check from support@plumqr.com.